Research Summary

The first blog post I completed to start my research was analysis of previously existing, real world texts.  I was able to achieve this through my posts, namely;  Analysis of Magazines, Analysis of Digipaks and Analysis of Music Video. I found creating these posts considerably helpful as I was able to carefully pick apart the codes and conventions which are employed by producers. I was able to understand which elements I would need to include within my own media products.

The next step in my process was to analyse and gain inspiration from a previous student’s work. Through the post, Analysis of Student’s Video, I was able to see which direction someone in my position had taken the year before. This was useful as it gave insight in to the kind of quality music video I would be able to create. The student video I analysed was of very high quality and this made me less apprehensive about my own project. Additionally,  I analysed the student’s print work in another post and this was helpful in outlining which direction I should take my advert and digipak in. Both elements of her work did very well and I was able to employ the same techniques when creating my own.

To further improve the quality of my research I also completed the following tasks:

  • Record Label Research– To understand the relationship between record labels and their artists.
  • Research of Print Platforms – To gain more knowledge about the places my media products would be published and therefore learn more about my target audience.
  • Analysis of Music Broadcasting Platforms – To see how music is streamed, listened to and downloaded in this ever evolving technological landscape.
  • Equipment Research/ Needed – To be properly informed about the technology I would need to use correctly to create an effective video.
  • Hiro Murai – Music Video Directors – To discover the different directing styles of one of the most sought after directors in the industry and be inspired by their vision.
  • History of Music Videos– To understand how music videos originated and how they have become such a vital element of production in today’s music industry.

Once I understood the fundamentals of music video production, I was able to further maximise my research by pinpointing the specific direction I wanted to take. This was aided by my posts:

  • Different types of Music Videos – To decide whether I wanted my video to be conceptual, performance based or narrative.
  • Camera Shots- Analysis of main task– To analyse different camera shots in music videos and draw inspriration for my own shots.
  • Music and Genres– To discover which genre would be fitting for my video and the differnet codes and conventions for them.
  • Audience Theory– To improve my knowledge of audience theory and how I can relate this to the creation of music video, always with the audience in mind.
  • How is music marketed?– To further understand how music is sold to the masses in the modern music industry.

The completion of these tasks have provided me with an in depth knowledge and understanding of effective real world texts. Through my research I was able to gain vital insight on the publishing of music videos, codes and conventions of genres and how all of this relates to the audience. I firmly believe that the research posts on this blog placed me in a strong position when it came to the next section, planning my music video.