Analysis of Music Video

Analysing a previously existing, real world text aided my planning process. Through this post I was able to consider which direction I wanted to take my music video. By analysing the video of the artist, Daughter, who also released my chosen song I was able to see the choices of videos of the same genre. Additionally by looking closely at a professionally produced video I was able to draw inspiration from the camera shots used and perhaps consider recreating some of the interesting shots in my own video.


Analysis of previous student’s print work

Analysing a previous student’s work has informed me of the key components and elements of album adverts and digipacks. Ellie’s work is of a very high standard and this is extremely helpful as I can see what quality of work I will need to complete in order to potentially reach the top grade boundaries.

Analysis of Digipaks

Creating this post familiarised me with the design and structure of different digipaks and this was a vital step in my research and planning process as this form of media is not produced very often anymore. In completing this task I was able to see how images within digipaks must all be married together in order for your product to look effective and look professional. I am now also aware of some of the typical elements of digipak which I will now employ when I create my own.

Narrative Concepts in Music Videos

narrative prezi

This Prezi I created with my peer, Alana, highlights the different narrative theories presented by theorists in relation to music videos. At this point, the music video I want to create will fall into the narrative category and therefore it is imperative I understand what will make my own story line engaging and effective. The different theorists range from relating performance and artists, codes and conducts and binary opposites. This post is useful because it will guide me in my decision making when story boarding my own music video and will allow me to go into greater depth when analysing my own narrative.

Camera Shots- Analysis of main task

Adele- Rolling in the deepindesign

I really like this shot as the contrast between the white and the black of the burning paper is very dramatic. I also can appreciate the connection to the lyrics as the artist sings about the break down of her relationship and the imagery of destruction works really well. In my own video I’d like to incorporate destruction on a small scale, just as this video does. This shot from the video has given me inspiration to include something similar but perhaps a memorable object instead of a paper city.

Ariana Grande- Dangerous Womanindesign

I really love the cool toned blue of this shot. I think while Ariana is usually presented as quite an young artist in pastel colours and pink this blue makes the video more mature instantly. It also is quite intriguing and conveys a sad, calm atmosphere. In my own video I’d like to include several transition shots where my artist sits with gel lights in this colour or perhaps red. I also really like the positioning of artist; as she is not in the centre the shot is a lot more interesting.



Several shots from the Daughter, Still video caught my eye. First and foremost I love the intricate mise en scene of the dressing table and all of the shots of the objects which range in their depth of focus. I think they make gorgeous extreme close up, transition shots and are beautiful to look at. What really makes the shot is the jewellery though and this has highlighted the importance of mise en scene in detail in my own video. Secondly, the shot of the woman with the background out of focus really draws the audience in and I really appreciate this symmetry. The focus is on the expression of the artist and the blue of the video adds to the tone of the media product. Finally the last shot I have screen-capped is a wide shot of her lover sleeping and I think the positioning of the actors is really innovative. The colours of the blue and yellow compliment each other and the depth of focus in this shot draws the audience to shadowed profile of the actor. The use of lighting in this shot is brilliant and adds a certain sense of realism to the music video.

Fink- Looking too closelyindesign

This shot especially stood out to me because of the intense detail it holds. This extreme close up of the zip and coat is really interesting and in my own video I definitely want to include extreme close ups of different aspects of mise en scene for example a watch or ring.

Fink- Yesterday was hard on all of usindesign

I really like this shot of the actress in Fink’s Yesterday video. I love the natural light and green breezy outdoor setting. Adhering to the rule of thirds concept, the actress is positioned to the right of shot and this is both pleasing and interesting for the audience. I love the depth of focus employed in this shot as the audience can appreciate the setting behind her, but are drawn to the warm smile of the actress as intended.

The Lumineers- Stubborn Loveindesignindesign

I think what makes the first shot is the stunning scenery. This shot has highlighted how essential it is to have locations which are not familiar to the audience and gorgeous natural settings are perfect for this. In the next couple frames, the child pulls focus and I love this change. The audience can appreciate both the subject and the location of the shot. In the second shot I screen-capped, I especially love the close up shot in the car and the use of the natural light and sun rays as it gives the video a happy, breezy tone.

Adele- Helloindesign

While in my own video I do not want to include the sepia tone filter I really appreciate the shadow and light in this shot. The dark edges mean that the centre of the shot pulls focus. This is also emphasised by the symmetry of the shot which is also really effective. In my own video I really want to incorporate symmetry into some of my shots because I really love the way it looks and think it is a great technique to direct the audience’s attention.

By completing this post I am able to further analyse which shots grab my attention and that I find engaging. In doing so I was inspired by several of the shots I used and can now go on to deepen my understanding of what kind of music video I want to create. Additionally each of the shots in their own way have made obvious how important several aspects of my creative decision making will be, for example: detailed mise en scene, gorgeous locations, refined use of lighting and positioning of actors.