Proposal Feedback

Click on the image below to listen to the podcast I created in order to gain feedback for my music video proposal.


Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are essential as they enable audiences to recognise products created by the band “Fink”. In this post I present the logo, typeface and house colours that I will use across my digipak and advert.  These brand guidelines will be featured across the artist’s products as they are imperative in the consistent advertising style of the band. Brand guidelines also attract attention of audiences that have previously engaged with the artist as they will recognise the logo, typeface or colours. This post is important as it would outline how I want my media products to be branded and advertised.



Above is my storyboard for my music video. These are pictures of pieces of paper I was able to easily move around in order to adapt the narrative of my video. This was an important and useful step of my production process as it allowed me to visualize my video for the first time. This post was especially helpful during the creation of my shot list as it provided the right sequence of events for me to create from.