Proposal Feedback

Click on the image below to listen to the podcast I created in order to gain feedback for my music video proposal.


Location Recce

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Creating a location recce document was an essential step in my planning process as it allowed me to analyse and further consider the places I will use when I begin filming. Additionally this means that I have considered the health and safety risks for each location and similarly how to counteract them. Furthermore, by creating this post I have decided that I want to make another task in which I specifically list the props I will bring to each location. This document will not only showcase the planning that has gone into each shoot but will be incredibly useful on the days of shooting.



Location Mise-en-Scene

Click on the image below to view my Prezi on Location mise-en-scene:


Completing this task was an imperative step in my planning process as I had to list out all of the props which I will need for my video. Additionally I had to consider the final choices for locations and work out how I would access these sets. This post has also revealed that it would be really helpful for me to have a separate document with a list of all my props and where I will source them from and perhaps costs and who I will return those which are borrowed too.

Artist Mise en Scene

Completing this task made me consider the influence the artist has had on my music video. In this presentation I describe the artist, Fink, and I analyse the similarities and differences between the styles of our content. This task highlighted that my music video will contrast quite significantly with the mise en scene of the artist, but not the music he creates which at times is soft and indie despite his “rocker” image.

Analysis of Lyrics

Analysing the lyrics of the song I am using is an incredibly helpful step which I can complete before writing my shot list which will allow me to consider the lyrics of the song as I create my story line. Additionally this is an excellent way to help plan out each individual shot before I film them. Analysing the lyrics also means that I can see where the songs pace increases or slows for example and learning this has influenced my artistic choices too.

Mood (Video) Board

Video Mood Board from Sarah McAllister on Vimeo.

Creating a video mood board has allowed me to showcase the potential colour schemes and theme of my media product. When searching for images to include I also was inspired by the composition of the shots and I believe these will influence my own. Seeing all of the images placed together with the song also reinforces my belief that my idea and the song do not clash. By creating this mood board I am able to use digital technology, engaging the audience both visually and through audio, to exhibit the overall theme of my music video.

Music Video Proposal

music video proposal.png

Click on the image above to view my Prezi on my proposal:

Presenting my music video proposal in this way allows me to clearly separate the different components of my media product. The interactive style of my work also allows for visitors of my blog to look in closer detail at the aspects of my music video proposal they find most important. I separated what I believe to be the most significant aspects of my music video: the memories, negative memory and the scene in the different dimension. This has really aided my planning process as I was able neatly present all of my ideas and also have a post which I can refer to towards the end of the process to see what I have adapted.